Closet Edit + Styling

We could all use a little editing.  And a little styling.  Find unexpected ensembles in your wardrobe; rid yourself of the clothes that do you no justice.  Identify any items that are missing and end the session feeling educated about what looks good and why.  Isn't it time you felt

empowered about what to wear and what to buy?  We think so, too.

Chaperoned Shopping

Like shopping with a friend only better.  We actually want you to look good. Tell us what you need and we will have a plotted course through the department stores and boutiques, from TJMaxx to Saks and anywhere in between.  Ever had a dressing room set aside solely for you?  Yeah, we do that.  Want to lift that shopping bag and know you won't question what you bought?

Absolutely required.


Hate packing?  We love it.  Maybe a little too much.  To us it's a big puzzle.  We coordinate your outfits with activities, weather and leave room for creativity while keeping your luggage lightweight and with room for the treasures you find along the way.  "Fold and roll" never felt so good.

Quickie Consult

Easily the best deal in town.  $25 for a private video-chat session with a personal stylist. In 30 minutes or less create a look from head-to-toe: clothes, hair, make-up (or lack thereof), shoes, bag and a matching attitude of complete confidence.


For discerning clients desiring extended, year-long attention including: seasonal editing and styling, chaperoned shopping and packing.  Want a stylist on-call?  Done.


A fun and informative way to flex your "style muscles".  Have a friend in desperate need of guidance?  Make it a party.  A co-worker who can't pull an outfit together?  Stop dropping hints and book a session right now.  Groups from 6-14 accommodated.

Helena Grant


Helena has been styling for commercial and personal clients since her 2009 foray into the fashion world.  To the delight of her following, she officially launched H.GrantStyle in April 2015.  She can often be seen, with any number of garments fluttering around her, peddling a pink bike named Bubbles.



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